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Spiritual Efficiency 

4 Month Coaching Program

Schedule your free 30 min consultation 

50 min sessions $100

Spiritual Efficiency is a program that connects you to your guides and angels and your deep knowing intuition. When you tune into this connection and learn to trust it by working with it daily/weekly, you will​ find your life changing in ways you only dreamed of previously.

Jeanette Dames - Intuitive Life Coach, Angel Therapy, Enegry Clearing Coach

As a lifelong clairvoyant, Jeanette has been seeing and communicating with angels and other spirit guides since she was a small child. Throughout her life, Jeanette has used this connection to improve her life's journey every step of the way. Jeanette’s mission is to share the secrets to developing intuition and loving yourself deeply to better live in prosperity, begin every day with joy, experience unconditional love and enjoy vibrant health. She offers this through angel readings, energy clearing, spiritual life coaching, workshops and retreats. Jeanette has studied with Dr. Doreen Virtue, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, davidji, Greg Braden, Jennifer Longmore and Joe Dispenza. By implementing ideas from these esteemed teachers and her own guidance from the Angels, she has learned how to live life to the fullest and is eager to help you to do the same.

Jeanette is certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Heal Your Money Story Coach, Love Yourself Heal Your Life licensed instructor and Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner.


Jeanette lives in Central Idaho with her husband Neal and her two dogs, Michael and Lily. Together they practice enhancing their connection to Spirit each day, supporting each other in their quest to live their lives in joy, peace, health, and love every day.

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Jeanette Dames

Intuitive Spiritual Coaching

Angel Therapy

Energy Clearing

Heal Your Money

(Love Joy Peace or Health Story) 

4 Month Coaching Program

Schedule your free 30 min consultation 

50 min sessions $100

If your life is not in the place you would like it to be, Jeanette can help you Heal Your Money...or your joy, peace, love and health story! They are all tied together and healing one begins the process of healing all.

Angel Readings

30 min $60

60 min $120

Everyone has angels. It is their great joy to be of service to you. The Angel Reading experience allows you to create a

 relationship with YOUR angels that you can use every day to improve every part of your life.

Energy Clearing Session

 30 min $60

60 min $120

If you are feeling heavy with energy you do not want, experiencing mood shifts you cannot explain or just want to clear energy to open your life, Spiritual

Response Therapy is just what you are looking for.

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